January 12, 2010

Carly Fiorina Calls on Barbara Boxer to Stand Up for California

Launches Online Petition Asking Boxer to Oppose Disastrous Health Care Bill

Sacramento, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today asked Californians to join her in calling on Barbara Boxer to stand up for California by voting against the health care overhaul plan currently working its way through Congress by launching an online petition.

“Instead of giving away sweetheart deals to other states and casting votes as if she were Nebraska’s third senator, Barbara Boxer should stand up for the Californians whom she was elected to represent by voting against this health care plan,” said Fiorina. “Not only does the plan fail to improve the quality of patient care, but it also burdens our state budget with another $3 billion, raises taxes on the middle class and increases health care premiums at a time when Californians can least afford it.”

The online petition, which is available by clicking here, allows voters to sign the petition and send Boxer the message that they not only oppose this plan, but want her as their representative to vote against it.

This petition is the latest addition to CallMeBarbara.com, a Web site launched by Carly for California in November to provide voters with more information about Barbara Boxer’s failed and ineffective representation. The site asks voters to give Barbara Boxer a break and send her back to California, where she can be referred to as just “Barbara” instead of her insisting on being called “Senator.”

“Our representatives in Washington were elected to fight for California – not to capitulate to the special interests,” Fiorina added. “I urge all Californians who care about the health and well-being of their families and loved ones to join me in calling on Barbara Boxer and our other congressional representatives to defend our state by voting against this terrible plan.”

Fiorina has consistently called the Senate’s health care reform bill a bad deal for California. She has urged instead for health care reform that builds on policies we know from experience work, including:

* Building on programs that provide incentives for receiving preventative care and for healthy lifestyles.
* Reforming malpractice on a national level as has been done in California.
* Providing greater access to lower-cost community-based primary care clinics.
* Encouraging more transparency about pricing and quality of health care services.
* Allowing consumers to purchase any health plan from anywhere in the country.
* Creating more market-based competition for everything from health insurance to prescription drugs.

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