December 22, 2009

In Case You Missed It: Beating Boxer in 2010

Article Excerpts

In 2009, unemployment in California hit 12.5 percent – its highest mark in decades – and nearly 2.3 million Californians are now out of work. The $787 billion economic stimulus plan championed by Democrats like Barbara Boxer failed to create the 3.5 million jobs it promised. At the same time, our national debt soared past $12 trillion. Meanwhile, Congress is debating a $2.5 trillion health care bill that remakes our entire health care delivery system at the cost of higher premiums, higher taxes and exploding deficits.

Again and again, we see Democrats returning to the same failed cycle of tax, spend and borrow. There is no question: this is absolutely the wrong way for our country to go, and Californians of all political persuasions are rightfully frustrated, angry and ready for new leaders who will bring real solutions to the table to get the economy moving again and to reduce federal spending. With this frustration comes a critical opportunity for Republicans to turn the tide in 2010. Particularly for those of us who are not career politicians and who haven’t been in Sacramento or Washington so long that they’ve forgotten what the real world is like. I will focus on solving problems, not political posturing or cutting backroom deals. And it is why I believe I am the right person to defeat Barbara Boxer next November.

The fact is that whether it’s job creation, federal spending or health care conservatives come to the debate with solutions that work, and we can win on the issues. Barbara Boxer is politically vulnerable, particularly in a campaign that focuses on her dismal record on job creation, taxes and out of control federal spending and also contrasts that failed record with real solutions to those problems that empower small businesses and reduce the reach of government. That is exactly the kind of campaign I intend to run.

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