December 10, 2009

Carly Fiorina Publishes Op-Ed on

“… Unfortunately, Barbara Boxer and her colleagues in Congress who seek to pass major cap and trade legislation that analysis shows is a job killer take a different view—and have different questions they want answered.

Boxer, specifically, has been more concerned about legal issues surrounding how this information became publicly available than she has been in the information itself. I am not in any way arguing that criminal activity should be ignored. I believe an investigation as to how this information became public is warranted. However, I think it is equally crucial that we also fully examine and consider the substance of information that has been brought to light already.

… So, what is different here? Well, mainly, the fact that at that time, the information in question supported her position on this issue. Now that we’re talking about information that may not support that conclusion, she isn’t interested in making sure the facts are available to the American people.

In business and in my own life I try to make decisions and solve problems based on all of the available facts. Ultimately, an uninformed decision is likely to be a bad one, and that is why I find Barbara Boxer’s response to this situation so unacceptable.”


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