December 16, 2009

Carly Fiorina Opposes Tax Increases On Middle Class In Healthcare Reform Legislation

SACRAMENTO, CA – As the U.S. Senate debates healthcare reform today, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina expressed her opposition to the legislation, specifically noting that California Senator Barbara Boxer voted last night against an amendment that would have protected against increased taxes on many middle class families as a result of this bill.

“The healthcare reform legislation working its way through Congress is very clearly on the wrong path. It does not focus on building what we know works to drive down costs, increase access and improve quality of care but instead will lead to increased taxes on middle class families, more government intervention in our healthcare and growth in our national debt,” said Fiorina.

Last night, Barbara Boxer voted against an amendment put forward by Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) that would have protected middle class families by requiring the Senate’s healthcare legislation to be sent back to the Senate Finance Committee to remove any tax increases on Americans families making less than $250,000 annually. According to estimates from staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation this legislation in its current form will result in tax increases for more than 40 million middle class Americans.

“Last night, Barbara Boxer demonstrated her continued lack of support for middle class taxpayers as she put special interest politics over the people of this state. At a time when California is facing record unemployment and many families are struggling to make ends meet, the last thing the government should be doing is increasing taxes and regulations. But that is exactly what this legislation does and I believe the people of this state deserve better protection from our representatives in Washington,” continued Fiorina.

Fiorina believes that any health reform legislation should focus first and foremost on keeping decisions about care between doctors and patients and it should build on ideas that we know from experience work, such as:

  • Building on programs that provide incentives for receiving preventative care and for healthy lifestyles.
  • Reforming malpractice on a national level as has been done in California
  • Providing greater access to lower-cost community-based primary care clinics.
  • Encouraging more transparency about pricing and quality of healthcare services.
  • Allowing consumers to purchase any health plan from anywhere in the country.
  • Creating more market-based competition for everything from health insurance to prescription drugs.

Below is additional information on Barbara Boxer’s support for tax increases on the middle class in this health reform legislation:


Boxer Voted Against An Amendment To Send The Health Care Package Back To Committee To Ensure It Includes No Tax Increases. (Crapo Motion to Commit H.R. 3590 to the Committee on Finance, Defeated 45-54, 12/15/09)


“The Senate Health Care Bill Is Loaded With New Taxes.” “Unfortunately, the Senate health care bill is loaded with new taxes, many of which would fall on middle- and working-class households. According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, these new taxes and fees would soak the American taxpayer for an estimated $372 billion, including a ‘40 percent excise tax’ on high-end health coverage of the kind enjoyed by many unions (no wonder, then, that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters criticized the bill on grounds that it would mean ‘a huge middle-class tax hike’).” (Matt Patterson, “Obama’s Forgotten Health-Care Promises,” The Baltimore Sun, 12/16/09)

Health Care Reform Would Likely Raise Taxes, Explode The Deficit And Shake Private Health Care Options.
“Whichever version (if any) of health care reform lands on Mr. Obama’s desk, there’s a good chance that it would 1) raise taxes, 2) explode the long-term budget deficit and 3) jeopardize private health care options, all in direct variance with Mr. Obama’s repeated pledges to the American people.” (Matt Patterson, “Obama’s Forgotten Health-Care Promises,”The Baltimore Sun, 12/16/09)


Cato’s Michael Tanner: “For Millions Of Americans, The Senate Bill Will Actually Make Things Worse.” “According to the Congressional Budget Office, the bills do little or nothing to reduce insurance premiums. For millions of Americans, the Senate bill will actually make things worse, increasing insurance premiums by 10%-13% for Americans who buy their insurance through the non-group market, that is those who don’t receive insurance from their employer. Those increases are over and above the increases that would occur if we did nothing — roughly doubling premiums by 2016, according to the CBO.” (David M. Drucker and Michael D. Tanner, “What The Health Care Bill Means For You,” The New York Post, 12/13/09)

Americans “May Not Be Able To Keep The Insurance” They Currently Have Because Of New Government-Defined Standards. “You also may not be able to keep the insurance you have today. Insurance plans would have to meet certain government-defined standards. Those standards may be more expensive than your current plan or may include benefits you don’t want.” (David M. Drucker and Michael D. Tanner, “What The Health Care Bill Means For You,” The New York Post, 12/13/09)

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