December 03, 2009

Carly Fiorina Issues Statement on President Obama’s Jobs Summit

SACRAMENTO, CA – U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina today issued the following statement about President Obama’s jobs summit:

“Our nation’s true economic engines and job creators are small and family-owned business, innovators and entrepreneurs. Any effective discussion about job creation must include a strong focus on lifting them up and making it easier for them to grow in this economy. Jobs are not created by sitting around in Washington talking about it, and the solution is not more government spending of borrowed money or another failed big-government stimulus. Instead, we must work to increase access to capital so that small businesses have the resources they need to succeed, reduce the cost of doing business so that home-grown entrepreneurs have the opportunity to thrive, decrease the burden of government regulations, and eliminate barriers to job creation to put Americans back to work.”


Stimulus Plan Not Producing As Promised. “The $787 billion stimulus plan is turning out to be far less stimulating than its architects expected. Back in early January, when Barack Obama was still President-elect, two of his chief economic advisers — leading proponents of a stimulus bill — predicted that the passage of a large economic-aid package would boost the economy and keep the unemployment rate below 8%. It hasn’t quite worked out that way.” (Time, 7/14/09)

Nationwide Almost 16 Million Workers Now Have No Jobs. “Some 15.7 million workers now have no jobs, the government said in releasing its monthly unemployment report, and an estimated 5 million more are working fewer hours and drawing smaller paychecks than they were before the country fell into the worst recession in a generation.” (Los Angeles Times, 11/7/09)

Worsening Jobs Numbers Are Actually Worse Than They Appear. “The jobless rate when Obama took office was 7.6%, and it was a mere 4.9% in December 2007, when the latest recession officially began. Since then, the number of unemployed workers has increased by 8.2 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the government doesn’t count as officially unemployed the so-called discouraged workers who have given up looking for jobs — and who numbered 808,000 last month, up from 484,000 a year earlier. There also were 9.3 million people who reported that they were working part time because their hours had been cut or they could not find full-time jobs. If this group and discouraged workers are included, along with others on the fringe of the labor market, the nation’s rate of unemployment plus underemployment in October was 17.5%.” (Los Angeles Times, 11/7/09)


California’s Unemployment Rate The Worst Since 1940. “California’s 12.5 percent unemployment rate is the worst since 1940, at the end of the Great Depression.” (Editorial, “California Must Avert Unemployment Insurance Fund Disaster,” Contra Costa Times, 11/29/09)

California’s Unemployment Climbed To 12.5% In October. “California’s unemployment rate increased to 12.5 percent in October, driven by overall increases in all but five counties.” (Linda Williams, “County And State Employment Picture Weakens,” The Willits News, 11/25/09)

Economists Predict California’s Unemployment Rate Is “Likely To Remain Above Double Digits Well Into 2010.” “The state’s unemployment rate now is 12.3 percent, and many economists believe California’s unemployment is likely to remain above double digits well into 2010.” (Ben van der Meer, “Logue Wants Air Rules To Face Popular Vote,” Appeal-Democrat, 12/1/09)

California’s Unemployment Rate Was An Abysmal 12.2% In September. “In California, where unemployment was 12.2% in September, the rate for October will be reported Nov. 20.” (Los Angeles Times, 11/7/09)


“Jobless Numbers Are Up Across The Country, But Few Places Are Seeing The Rise As Quickly As The Central Valley.” (KMPH, 3/6/09)

“The Yuba-Sutter Region’s Rate Is Among The Highest In The State, Ranging From 17 Percent To 18 Percent.” (Ben van der Meer, “Logue Wants Air Rules To Face Popular Vote,” Appeal-Democrat, 12/1/09)

The Unemployment Rate In Los Angeles Is 14%. “Meanwhile, the unemployment rate in Los Angeles stands at 14%.” (Maeve Reston, “Council Race Spotlights The Film Industry’s Future,” Los Angeles Times, 11/29/09)

Lake County Hit Especially Hard By Job Losses. “Out of 58 California counties, just eight have a higher unemployment than Lake County, according to the California Employment Development Department. Lake County unemployment has shot up 5 percentage points since October 2008.” (Katy Sweeny, “Lake County Unemployment Jumps To 16.2 Percent,” Lake County Record Bee, 11/25/09)

Mendocino County’s Unemployment Rate Climbed To 10.6% In October. “Mendocino County unemployment increased from 10.2 percent in September to 10.6 percent in October. Even with this increase, Mendocino County was still one of only 14 California counties with unemployment rates below 11 percent.” (Linda Williams, “County And State Employment Picture Weakens,” The Willits News, 11/25/09)

Imperial County Faces 30% Unemployment. “Imperial County still trails with 30 percent unemployment, although this is an improvement over 32.2 percent last month.” (Linda Williams, “County And State Employment Picture Weakens,” The Willits News, 11/25/09)

Sonoma County Has 10.1% Unemployment And Humboldt County’s Rate Is 11.1%. “Nearby Lake County has a 16.2 percent unemployment rate, Sonoma County with 10.1 percent and Humboldt County with 11.1 percent.”

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