Carly Fiorina Calls Health Care Reform A Bad Deal For California
December 19, 2009

SACRAMENTO, CA – Following the news today that the U.S. Senate will move forward with a vote on health care reform in the coming days, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina expressed her opposition to the legislation, specifically noting that Barbara Boxer has done nothing to prevent the bill from costing California taxpayers $3 billion during a time when the state faces a more than $20 billion budget deficit.

“This legislation is a bad deal for California on many levels. Not only will it not improve the quality of our health care system, but it will cost California taxpayers billions of dollars and place a deep financial burden on our already deficit-ridden state budget,” said Fiorina.

It is estimated that the Senate health care reform bill will cost the state of California $3 billion dollars, with no relief to offset those costs and reduce the burden on the state’s cash-strapped budget. In addition to this, according to estimates from staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation this legislation in its current form will result in tax increases for more than 40 million middle class Americans.

“As this legislation has worked its way through the Senate Barbara Boxer has shown that partisanship is more important to her than fighting to protect California taxpayers as she has stood in rigid lockstep with her party, rather maintaining a focus on what is best for the people of her home state. As a result, if this legislation passes we will be saddled with a bill that increases our taxes, places a disproportionate financial burden on our state budget, gives government a larger role in our healthcare system and will not reduce costs. Californians deserve better than that from our representatives in Washington.”

Fiorina does not support the Senate health care reform bill and believes that any health reform legislation should focus first and foremost on keeping decisions about care between doctors and patients and it should build on ideas that we know from experience work, such as:

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