November 04, 2009

Flash Report: An Interview With Carly Fiorina, Candidate For United States Senate

by Jon Fleischman
Flash Report
November 4, 2009

Today is going to be a big day for Carly Fiorina. The former Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett Packard from 1999 through 2005 will make it official that she is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate. Her goal is to retire the ultra-liberal and ineffective incumbent, Barbara Boxer, next November.

As I like to say here on the FlashReport, we are “fair and biased” — and so I don’t mind laying out for all that there is no one that I can think of in the United States who combines the qualities of liberalism and shrillness into an all-together nauseating toxic cocktail of a politician.

In advance of her official announcement today, I had a chance to sit down with Fiorina. While normally I would try to release a lengthy interview in more digestible segments, in order to help FR readers assess this new entrant into the U.S. Senate race I have decided to print a transcript of the entire interview, which runs a little long (it represents about a half-hour of actual chat time). The topics are varied and I think you will enjoy reading it.

I found Fiorina to be very thoughtful and engaging — it’s not hard to see how she has done well in the business arena. These personality traits will translate well into her foray into the “high contact sport” of politics. One question I did not ask Fiorina is whether she will be “investing” a portion of her own considerable wealth into her candidacy (I forgot!). But this is just a first sit down and I’m sure we’ll have more opportunities as we catch up with her on the campaign trail.

Fiorina enters the campaign for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate with three major challenges. The first is her past — most specifically the abrupt end of her tenure at HP (she was “let go” is the term of art we will use — read it here). The second is her health — Fiorina has spent the better part of the last year battling breast cancer, which is now in remission and God-willing it is all behind her now. Finally, she is not running uncontested for the GOP nomination — already occupying a significant presence in the Republican primary is popular third-term Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, who has been actively campaigning for well over a year now.

Chuck DeVore has an impressive array of endorsements, and a history of party involvement that makes almost anyone else look like an amateur. Just yesterday DeVore was endorsed by conservative iconic U.S. Senator Jim DeMint and also the Senate Conservative Fund. Very popular with grassroots Republicans, DeVore’s big challenge in his race will be to try and build enough campaign cash to afford a substantial statewide voter contact program for the primary. You can read more about DeVore’s candidacy on his campaign website.

If you are reading this before 10am, Fiorina’s “big announcement” will be broadcast live on her campaign website here (I would imagine it will be archived after the fact if you want to watch it later).

Below is my interview with Carly Fiorina. I did not ask her biographical questions, so you may want to peruse her biography when he campaign site is up and running (it was not at 8am when this was published out). She has published an opinion piece today in the Orange County Register which can be found here. On the FR blog, we’ve posted up Fiorina’s professional campaign team, so you can check that out.

Read the entire interview here.

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