November 09, 2009

Carly For California Launches And Web Ads To Educate Voters About Barbara Boxer’s Failed Record And Ineffective Leadership

Sacramento, CA —Carly for California today launched, a web site that asks voters to give Barbara Boxer a break so that she can go back to being called just “Barbara” instead of insisting on being called “Senator.” In addition, the campaign launched two web ads asking voters to oust Boxer in 2010 and directing them to where they can learn more about her failed record and ineffective leadership over her last three terms in the Senate.

“Barbara Boxer, who by any measure has a failed record as a U.S. Senator, disrespectfully demanded a Brigadier General refer to her as ‘Senator’ instead of ’ma’am’ during a recent Senate hearing. Boxer’s arrogance and disrespect for our nation’s military leaders is way out of line,” said Carly for California Campaign Manager Marty Wilson. “This is just one in a long list of examples of Boxer’s dismal record and egotistical style, not to mention her total disregard for policies that will create jobs or curb federal spending. Californians deserve better and throughout this campaign we will continue to educate voters about why its so important we send her back to being called just ‘Barbara.’”

Earlier this year, Boxer famously demanded that Brigadier General Michael Walsh call her “Senator” instead of “ma’am” in a committee hearing. features video of this infamous exchange and provides visitors an opportunity to get involved in Carly Fiorina’s campaign to replace Boxer in 2010. Moving forward, this site will expand to provide voters with more information about Barbara Boxer’s failed and ineffective representation.

The two web ads launched in conjunction with this web site highlight the call to send Barbara Boxer back to California where she can go by her first name, rather that worry about what title is being used to address her. Both web ads will run on various political and conservative web sites including the Drudge Report. Click here to view the ads.

Carly for California is the campaign committee supporting Carly Fiorina’s bid for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Carly Fiorina officially announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate last Wednesday.

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